Welcome our newest Mama:


Our team shanghaid her at Majorca Beach Rugby.

And this is what she says:

“But you forgot something too: while we were playing the first match, all the spanish young teams at our backs were surprised (I´m the only 40 years old who play rugby), and started shouting GO MAMAS GO! and wanted to play with you too. Everybody wanted to changed your t-shirt and played. Even Ponent, who losted with you the first day and weren´t very happy wanted to playe with you next day. You really are something special, and thanks to you, the mentallity of many people can change, and this is what I´m triyng to do here. Rugby is difficult for women, but after some “age”, or specially when you have children, is like “no way, choose another kind of sport, like runnig or swimming”, and I always saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE, AND YOU MUST DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, NOT WHAT THE OTHERS CHOOSE FOR YOU. So, you really really were very special here for me! Image

(Maria and Carolina holding the silver plate)

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