Another The Mamas success story!

Sometimes you just have to try and all your effort will be rewarded immediately! We found an interesting ad on facebook, a coaching camp in Germany for young athletes in african countries.
Helen had just the right girl in her mind and together with Sanni and Annekatrin they wrote the winning application in record time!

This is a quote from Sannis fb entry after hearing that Hilda was accepted:

“The girls and women in Uganda will stay in my heart for ever, that is for sure. In this photo the Sharks have won the championship and are ready to go home to celebrate. In the middle we can see Hilda. The following text is from Hilda´s application to get into a young coaches camp. Nina Corda found the camp, Moa Wejle sent the info further, Helen Koyokoyo Buteme and Annekatrin Els agreed that Hilda would be a very good candidate and helped her to write the application. I really did nothing, but was there and followed and supported and cried when just few days ago we heard, that Hilda was accepted and is on her way to Germany soon.
“I grew up in Buhiga village, Kisoro district, Western Uganda. I am the 4th born in a family of 7. My father is a peasant farmer and my mother is deceased. I travelled to Entebbe from my village in 2012 after someone came to my village and introduced rugby. I fell in love with the game and wanted to develop further and dreamed about playing for Uganda. My dream came true when I represented Uganda in the Confederation of African Rugby (CAR) 7 aside rugby tournament in Machakos, Kenya in April 2014 and I want to share my dream with other girls and I can do that through coaching.
My first love is now rugby. Running and playing rugby are talents that God gave me and I like the challenge of testing myself against other people and pushing myself to beat them. I really enjoy sports – I have a lot of fun. I can interact with people, make new friends and develop myself as an individual. I am now more confident in myself despite only having lived in a city for 2 years. Through rugby I was able to complete my education as a senior rugby player appreciated my talent and sponsored my final 2 years in school.

I am a coach, because I would like to pass on my knowledge to other girls and I believe that rugby is a game that enables girls to learn team work, keep healthy, and develop confidence in themselves.

My dream is to have more girls in Entebbe playing rugby and to go back to my village in Kisoro and introduce both tag rugby and contact rugby there. I also dream that one day some of the girls that I coach will play for Uganda”

This is The Mamas, for me. I will keep on working.”

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