About the Mamas

The Mamas Rugby Club is a women’s rugby club consisting of mothers still actively involved in rugby as players and officials. We are international with members coming from a wide variety of countries and cultures. We participate in tournaments both in and outside Europe, not only to meet other moms and enjoy playing rugby together, but also to act as role models and illustrate that motherhood and competitive sports can be successfully combined.

 To continue with competitive sports after becoming a mother is not very common. Women, for various reasons, tend to stop practising their sport when settling down with a family. Men, on the counterpart, continue. Combining sports and motherhood is encountered by social barriers. This is deeply rooted in our society and culture and the psychology behind is complex and difficult to understand and influence. 

The Mamas Rugby want to change this! 

Our values are anchored within rugby and in the foundation of us consider ourselves to be more than a sports club. We support and promote sports and physical activity for our members as well as those who we share our vision and mission with.

 Our vision is an equal society, where conditions and opportunities for women’s participation in sports are promoted and supported, where girls and women are being empowered through their sporting experience – and this on a transnational level! 

Our mission extends far beyond the sporting results. We actively work to promote sport and physical activity for girls and women, not just as role models, but also by directly and actively collecting and forwarding equipment to those in need. In particularly we collect sports bras, which is a specific barrier for women, through our project Boob Support. We also share material, experience, knowledge and know-how.


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