Boob Support

Did you know, most girls and women in developing countries don’t own a sports bra?!?! 
This lack of the most basic of sports equipment acts as a specific barrier to women 
- how can you participate if you can’t run comfortably or with confidence?
Boob Support is the collection of sports gear and fundraiser of The Mamas Rugby Club to increase girls’ and women’s participation in sports.
It is a part of our vision of an equal society, where conditions and opportunities for women
within sports are promoted and supported – and this globally.
It is a part of our mission to change norms and access to sport should be for all! With the values of rugby we break social boundaries. By collecting and sending sports bras, for and to those who don’t own one, we empower these girls and women through their sporting experience!
Although the focus is on sports bras, since this acts as a specific barrier to women, we do collect other sports gear too.
How can you help?
– The obvious one is: never throw away an old sports bra ever again! Save it and give it to the collection next time around.
– Organise your own collection! Email or facebook us and we give you instructions.
– Donate a little money on Collecting clothes or equipment is usually the easy part of a project. However, the stuff lying in a box at someone’s house is just as useless as it being in the back of your drawer. Raising money to send the items to those needing them is very often an issue. Therefore, we have set up an account with so that you can help us with shipping expenses.


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