Everybody is welcome to become a member of The Mamas Rugby Club. We have something for everybody.

To our members we offer organised rugby for mothers as well as we promote physical activity for all members, despite gender and age, by providing individualised training programs, a facebook based motivational training group run by a PT and health related events. I gives you the opportunity to contribute towards a more equal society as well as training – what a great combination!

Membership 2014
€65 for parent, with financially dependant children
€100 for others

Support members are regarded as full members as we always individualise your training, even if you don’t play rugby with us.

How to pay you membership
At, you can pay your yearly membership. Make sure you write you name on your payment! Also, send us an email so we can enter you into our member directory and forward information to you: themamasrugby[at]

The membership finance part of tournament admission fees, food and accommodation as well as fun for the participating kids. Kids always participate free (with the exception of the travel expenses to the venue, and additional accommodation cost, which participants pay themselves)!

Tournament participation fees will be kept as low as possible. We will make use of the amazing rugby community and keep the cost down and the atmosphere up.
At, you can also give a donation towards our mission of changing attitudes and pursuing our mission. There is a list of needs and it is just to decide which one you want to donate towards. 100% of your donation goes towards its purpose!


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