Boob Support!

As rugby players we all value a good sports bra.

Just imagine having to hold the ball in one hand while trying to keep your boobs from jumping out of that XXL-sized hand-me-down jersey you got from the mens team….

We are supporting boobs with our newest event:

The world-wide collection of sports bras for our friends in Uganda. The main date will be 6th of April, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. But of course you can start collecting now and also the week after #april6sportanddevelopment


We created a facebook event:

And we’re setting up a map, so you can find a collection box near you!

(this may be subject to change!)

How can you help?

By setting up a collecting box at your club, the gym, the pub, at school….

And especially by being an ambassador to the cause in your city or even country.

We need not only bras, but also people willing to collect them and ship them.

And we need money for shipping. You can donate via betterplace:

Or, if you are planning to travel to Uganda or know someone who will travel in the next months: just put some bras in your luggage!


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Emma Croker, England’s mother of multi-taskers | Sport | The Observer

Emma Croker, England's mother of multi-taskers | Sport | The Observer.

Interesting, although I doubt that every Mom hit by a cesarean section is fully recovered at 4 months post partum. Plus there are often psychological obstacles.

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Welcome our newest Mama:


Our team shanghaid her at Majorca Beach Rugby.

And this is what she says:

“But you forgot something too: while we were playing the first match, all the spanish young teams at our backs were surprised (I´m the only 40 years old who play rugby), and started shouting GO MAMAS GO! and wanted to play with you too. Everybody wanted to changed your t-shirt and played. Even Ponent, who losted with you the first day and weren´t very happy wanted to playe with you next day. You really are something special, and thanks to you, the mentallity of many people can change, and this is what I´m triyng to do here. Rugby is difficult for women, but after some “age”, or specially when you have children, is like “no way, choose another kind of sport, like runnig or swimming”, and I always saying YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE, AND YOU MUST DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, NOT WHAT THE OTHERS CHOOSE FOR YOU. So, you really really were very special here for me! Image

(Maria and Carolina holding the silver plate)

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TheMamas rock the island: Majorca Beach Rugby 2013

And now read all about how 4 hot Mamas rocked the island of Mallorca!

(written by Cecilia Burebrink)

(pics to follow when this socialmedia Mama has done her household chores!)

MONDAY 29th of April

Maria and her family (Teresa, Felicia and Tanja) were the ones that first arrived to Mallorca. I came later during the night. But all of us were surprised by the weather. Leaving a rainy cold Sweden to arrive to a rainy and cold Mallorca!!


TUESDAY 30th of April

Maria ate breakfast at the hotel while I was sleeping. After finding each other we went for some supermarket in order to get food and other stuff that we will need during the week. After sorting out the breakfasts for the week, the unpacking started. But after we done that, time to do some investigations regarding the beaches and the rugby environment. Well Beach time, some sunbathing and relaxing. I managed to burn my back and the back of my knees!!!

While I stayed at the beach Maria and her family changed rooms. They were situated in a totally different building so now they would be one floor up from me and the other girls.

Then we wanted to go and se if we could find the beach were the rugby tournament was supposed to be. The girl in the reception told us it would be about 15 min walk. We walked and walked and walked. After 30 minutes we started to get worried. Where is the beach??? We ended up asking for the beach and in the end we found it. We have been walking a LOOONG detour!. Well at least we know now where to go (at least what we thought). After a dinner at the Chinese Restaurant we went back to the hotel.

I had just arrived when I heard a knock on the door. It was Irene!! We talked for a while, then we went to Marias place. Irene was really tired as she has been travelling for almost 24 hrs from Uganda, through Turkey. So we went fairly early to bed (still after midnight).


WEDNESDAY 1st of May

We went up early to get a morning run in the sand, just to get used to running in the sand before the tournament. Some warm-up, a run, some sprints and some workout. Time to head for the tourist information to get some information about the local markets. All the time we met drunk people trying to get home to their hotels. Talking about a party Island!

Well as it was bank holiday everything in Palma and other cities would be closed so we realized that we had to stay in Palmanova today. Guess what? We went the wrong direction and after a while we found our way back to the hotel. Hm, this is definitely be the last time we went the wrong way (we thought). A shower and some breakfast. Irene was awake and we had some chatting to do. 

Time to check the shops in Palmanova and Magalluf! As these places are for tourists, they are always open! MARIA – The BAG LADY! Always looking for bags everywhere! Well I have to admit I bought one too.

We went to the beach once more (why not?) Me and Irene had a massage (mobile massage) really relaxing! Irene also managed to buy two pair of sunglasses.  IRENE – the HAPPY GRASSHOPPER! At the beach we got a lot of different proposals  – Boose cruise, foam party…. Some people saw the children with us and just dismissed us and some of them still made the offers.  

Time to get the ball pumping! We went to the official bar Crusoes and asked for these meal deals, toilets, ball pump etc. They were most friendly. Now we know where to register the team on Saturday morning.

Today we ate at a Indian place. I started to feel a bit dizzy and cold so when we went for the hotel I was quite happy. Me and Irene rested for a while, I had too low blood sugar and had to wait until the food we just ate fixed it. After the rest we went to the supermarket in order to buy some more food, however it was closed. So we decided to do a “sandwich dinner” at Marias Place, as her apartment was much bigger than ours. We also got some bum dance ( or bend over dance as she calls it) training from Irene. Bloody hard I must say. Wiggle, wiggle.



THURSDAY 2nd of May

The night was cold, I had to get some socks on and still froze! Irene and Maria had to go on the morning run themselves as I was not feeling so well. Time for a shower and breakfast. 

Maria and her family and Irene went to Palma city, while I stayed back in Palmanova. I went to the supermarket buying some food. Sitting on the balcony watching the people walking by. Also watched some of the hotel guests bathing in the ICE cold pool.

When they came back from their shopping we had some dinner at Marias place. Now it was time for the first night out! Well I must say that this Island is really a party place! We saw at least 4 different stag parties and 11 different hen parties walking around on the different bars. Lots of drinking! And we now know that Maria is really a MEN MAGNET!!! They were all over her! We were club hopping, moving from one bar to another. Drinking and dancing. We knew we had to go home when we were at Lennons in Magalluf where a big fight started. There were about 4 on each side, throwing glasses, chairs, a lot of kicking, hitting and screaming. When the police sirens started to come closer we went outside and started to move home.. We were not sober and this time we found our way home even if we managed once more to take a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in an unknown place. I mean how many roads can it be??



FRIDAY 3rd of May

Irene and Maria decided to go to a local market in another city (San Ferrer) while I decided to take it easy. I went for the normal morning run while they were embarking the bus. Do I need to say we were an hour later up this morning?

We decided to go for a spanish restaurant for dinner, however the first one we found was closed so we had to go for the next one. Well finally we got ourselves the spanish wine and the typically spanish Paella. 

This night was the nurse and doctors night at Mambos terrace, the second offical bar for the tournament. We found several drunk nurses (male nurses) and doctors (male) drunk all over the place, even before we were there. And yes, we went the wrong way again!!!  Finally there. Well all of us actually thought that the Mambos was quite a boring place so we decided to move back on to the hotel to wait for Helen. Helen did arrive after midnight. A small chat and then off to bed.



SATURDAY 4th of May

Yey game day!! However I must admit  I have been so worried that we are not even a full team. We are four and we must be five on the pitch! We were up early to pack all our stuff in order to be early at the registration in order to try to get some players! Well we found ourselves a real mama! Then we borrowed some players from Harlow (England) and from Diminos (Mallorca). The first game against Hampstead was a catastrophe. We did not play as good as we can and we did some strategic wrong decisions. We lost with one try. The Second game we won and so the third one. We lost the last pool game, however we ended up 3rd in the pool so we will play in the plate tournament tomorrow. We were happy and somewhat surprised that we did so well.

Off to the hotel for  a shower. Along the way we stopped at the Indian place and had a burger. Actually one of the best burger I ever eaten! Well we started to freeze as the sun was setting and the temperature change is definitely large! Off to the hotel!

As a starting point, we went to Mambos in order to get some free drinks as we got the VIP tickets by the registration. Well it seemed that this VIP tickets were not really what we thought them to be so we went to another place, the Mulligan’s! Now we were going strong! Dancing, drinking and partying! The guys at the tables besides us could not stop staring at Irene and Helen when they did their Bum dances. Me and Maria did our best to dance as well. Time to move one. We got dragged in to another club and we stayed there for a while. It was so fun! Even if were started to be the only one at the dance floor, more and more people came to watch and later to join in to dance. Well much tank to Maria the MEN MAGNET!! She was definitely not having another beer but when a man comes along and ask her she says yes! As we were to play tomorrow we decided to go home about two o clock.


SUNDAY 5th of May

Well as all of us still were tired and some of us still drunk, the day was not starting the most brilliant way, but we managed to pack our stuff and move on to the registration. At the referee tent we realized that we started our first game against the Harlow girls. Well not so fun in one way but still nice to have a semi-final to play! The Harlow girls were really big. Even I felt really small. Trying to tackle them was hard. I only managed to get my arms round one leg of them and just hold on as hard as I could until they fell. We won that game with one try. Fun game but hard!

As we had promised to help the Diminos as half their team left last night, we were ready for another game against the El Toro in the shield final. All of a sudden the ref blew his whistle, stopped the time and we all sang the Sweet Caroline song. The ref start his watch and blew the whistle and the game continued. So funny!

Next game for the mamas – the final against Hampstead 2. They had two teams that they entered the tournament with. Their first team was the one we lost and should have won, but we decided that this game we really need to win!! Now we really had our moves going. We were really playing well. And we won!!

Just after the final the Diminos wanted to have a friendly game against another spanish team, the Ponent Scorpions. We promised to be their subs. This game was really hard for me because all of the sudden my legs got really stiff. It just hit me! After the game finished and we talked I realized that all mamas had the same issue. We have been playing so many games in a very short period of time so the legs did not wanted to play anymore. Well between the first and second game there were 30 minutes but between the other games it was less than 15 minutes. So we had hardly got any rest between the games.

We bought some food from Crusoe’s, just to get some food in our bellies before picking up our silverware from the Mambos Terrace. We stayed for a while, then went back at the hotel for a shower and a rest. I got so tired. Helen and Irene went out to party about eleven and I immediately fell asleep, deadly tired. They came back after three, being partying with the Oban/moody cow girls at the Mambos place. 


MONDAY 6th of May

Irene went up really early as she was the one first to leave Mallorca and the beach rugby. It was sad because we all felt that this fun was over. Maria and the water girls were the next ones to leave. Me and Helen were supposed to go on the same flight but we got different pick up times. Strange! Well so the only thing left to do is to go home and wash the rugby kit!


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It might be the 13….

in 2013… The Mamas have been hit by some bad luck. Rachele Cera tore her ACL, founder Moa Wejle is still recovering from shoulder surgery and also some of the other Mamas haven’t been able to attend the first planned events this year.
So we had to cancel the RBW 7s which is really a pity. And we were almost without a team for the Magaluf Beach Tournament, but then our courageous Mamas, Cecilia, Maria, Helen and Irene, decided to just blitz the island and shanghai whatever Mamas they could get hold of.
Hold your breath for the Magaluf story, coming soon!

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Our plans for 2013:

Listed below are some of the tournaments we are planning to attend this year.

If you are a rugby mom and interested in playing with us in one or more of these tournaments, please let us know via our facebook page, via a comment on this blog or by mail.

The membership is 65EU pa, payable via our betterplace-fundraising page:

Majorca Beach Rugby
3. Mai
Magaluf Beach in Palma de Mallorca

Istanbul 7s
11./12. Mai

Roma Seven
13. Juni
Roma, Italia in Rom

Tournoi Rugby 7 de Coeur
14. Juni
Versailles in Versailles

Stockholm 10s
2. August
Stockholm 10’S Rugby 2012 Årstafältet

Central Coast Sevens
23. Oktober
Central Coast Leagues Club in Gosford

Dubai 7s 2013
5. Dezember
Dubai Sevens Stadium

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Ohne weitere Worte ;-)

Ohne weitere Worte ;-)

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